There will be light

I woke up this morning came to the living room to do my daily study of God's word, But today I woke up earlier because I had a doctor's appointment. The underground train has been like a graveyard since COVID - 19 came to town. People avoiding contact with one another, some taking it to a whole new absurd level.

The waiting lines at the stores and the post office are much longer than normal. Face masks have become new fashion accessories and if you don't have one on, you might be avoided like a plague. Many people have lost their jobs, businesses shut down, kids at home losing their minds, and the earth is just healing herself from years of pollution and abuse.

One thing I know and believe is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. God is real and He cares for us all. Stay safe people.

The photos below are a visual interpretation of my trip to the Doctor.

Few people on the street.

Bosting your immune system is a needed choice.

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