Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot with Betty.

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It was a warm afternoon and the sun was going down. I knew that at the rate the sun was going down, we might lose daylight. Betty wanted it at all cost because the baby might come anytime soon. I love the african outfit she had on, it blends to the color and nature of the background.

( Canon 70-200mm - F2.8 - ISO 500 )

( Canon 50m - F2.8 - ISO 250)

Betty was close to having her baby but still she was strong all through the shoot. Her dress do complement her skin tone.Stunning.

It was great having betty's husband in the shoot. He was so calm, supportive all through the shoot and also helped me out.​

The next photos are my favorite set of photos from this shoot. I love the way her skin tone glow and i am more of a close up photographer.

( Canon 70-200mm - F 2.8 - IOS 160 )

Ain't those kids adorable?

It was fun doing this shoot with Betty and her family. I love making people happy and bringing out their beauty through the art of photography. Looking forward to creating a wonderful story with you. What's your story?

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