Three Throne Studios

In our studio we are dedicated to quality, creating a masterpiece through the eyes of a storyteller that will satisfy our customers.
We are a video production and photo studio at Waldmeisterstraße 99, 80935 Munich.
We create everything from headshot photos to wedding, family, portrait, product photography and video.

If you need a studio space with professional equipment, send us an email

We look forward to being in our studio and creating wonderful art that you will fall in love with.

fotostudio München, Fotograf, Foto studio, Studio Miete, Video Studio
studio rental 
photo production
fotostudio München, Fotograf, Foto studio Miete, Video Studio

400 euros


  • Up to 10 hours

  • Loudspeakers for playing music

  • Hard drives 60€ per day

  • Studio tripod/lamps/softbox included

  • kitchens

  • Workplace  

  • photo background

  • sitting area

  • Personal companion

studio rental 
video production
Vermietung von Fotostudios, fotostudio München, Fotograf, Foto studio, fotoStudio Miete, Video Studio

500 euro

  • WLAN  

  • Bis zu 10 Stunden

  • Festplatten (60€ pro Tag)

  • Lautsprecher zum Abspielen von Musik

  • Studiostativ/Lampen/Softbox inklusive

  • Küchen

  • Arbeitsplatz 

  • Fotohintergrund

  • Sitzbereich

  • Persönlicher Begleiter

Ausrüstung zu vermieten( Preis pro tag)

 Sennheiser MKE 600 Mikrofon - 10 euro

Zoom H6 Recorder - 15 euro

Kameramann - 600 Euro

Kamera - Canon C70 - 150 Euro

Computer- 50 euro

  Drink per person - (Not mandatory)


Drinks flat rate - €5.00

Soft drinks, coffee, tea, water.

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2,300 euros