29, from UK

Christmas is about the coming of Christ to celebrate reconciliation and rebirth in our society with family and friends. Could see that there will always be a brighter side of things and we should come together this time and celebrate that.


Christmas wishes:

My biggest Christmas wish is to see people who are not so polarized for society come together. Use this period of time to express your differences politically and religiously and to see how we have things in common with each other.



How I will spend my Christmas

We will be together / with James) in Munich, go to mass on Christmas Eve, I will make lots of Christmas cookies and lots of food.


Christmas is about family and coming together and spending time with family and remembering family and friends you might have lost that year as well. It is a reflection of time  


Christmas wishes:

is for everybody in the world to have access to universal health care, I work as a doctor  and i seem most of my time abroad, i see a lot of people who don't have access to good quality health care. That will be my greatest wish